The Arabuko Sokoke Forest Walk

The Forest walk remains a very amazing walk for guests visiting Malindi region. With a wider variety of Flora and Fauna, it offers so much to see while you walk guided by a very experienced guide.

The Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew

  It is home for the very swift mammal, the elephant shrew seen in the early morning hours. Butterflies, occasional elephants and Dik Dik have been sighted! For those that love nocturnal birds, the Sokoke Scops Owl hides in between the woods and peeps at you while you walk graciously in between the indigeneous trees. Don’t miss this walk next time you are in Watamu! Morning and afternoon walk can be arranged at the Excursions office.

The Sokoke Scops Owl

These days, there is an elephant viewing corner along the Forest edge before the Forest gate past Kitsapu Restaurant and you can drive there in the afternoon hours and time the elephant emerging from the bushes to enjoy their time out at the grasslands or take a sip of water at the man made hole where water gathers when it rains.

For your Excursions bookings, speak to Tumu or Carol