Student Educational Trip Watamu

Turtle Bay Beach Club – Watamu is an all-inclusive resort on the clear white sandy beaches of Watamu, while you are here, there are educational sites you can visit. Below are items one could be interested in.

Waste Water Recycling

Turtle Bay has a plant that treats its waste water with the final product used in garden irrigation. Student could get to know how this works.

Guest Philanthropy

Students could get to know how guest philanthropy could be of help to the local community. Various projects have been supported through this scheme.


Other Areas of Educational Value Outside the Hotel;

The Eco-World

A plastic recycling organization started through partnership with Turtle Bay. Students get to learn the impact of plastic waste to the environment and how such waste could be turned into artwork and other products that could generate income.

Local Ocean Trust/Watamu Turtle Watch

The centre does conservation of turtle. Students get to learn about the species of turtles found in Watamu waters and threats that human activities pose to these animals.


The Marine Park

Student gets to know the history of the Watamu National Marine Park and reserve. On a guided tour, they shall be able to list the species of fish habiting the coral reefs and the socio economic value to the local community.

The Snake Park

A visit to the snake park would give the students a chance to learn about the snakes mostly found in the coastal areas and the work that Bioken as an organization does in the creation of anti-venom. 

The Crab Shack Restaurant

A visit to this restaurant gives the student ideas of how conservation could be fused with business for the benefit of local community.


Board Walk and Mangroves

The students get to know the types of mangroves, the importance of these mangroves. They could also learn and identify the birds that are found within this habitat.


The Gede Ruins National Monument

Pre-historic archeological site. Students get to learn the history of the site and the practices of the inhabitants of area during those prehistoric times.

Vasco da Gama Pillar in Malindi

It gives a history of early exploration of the Easter African Coast by European explorers.

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