Turtle Bay Staff - First Aid Training by Red Cross

Turtle Bay staffs were recently trained on First Aid and Fire Safety by Red Cross as required by the law

The team comprised of a representative from each department. In the team is our
F & B Manager - Alex Ziro, who is the Chairman of the Health and Safety Team.

A well trained team of employees who have the accurate first aid knowledge will be ready to react appropriately when an accident happens to save lives and provide relief for the victims until professional medical help comes.

Here are the following reasons that highlight the importance of first aid training in the workplace.

Your workplace will be safer

First aid education stresses the importance of practising safety at all times to prevent accidents and emergencies. An increased safety consciousness helps the employees to work carefully and avoid accidents.

Knowing the dangers of accidents makes every employee shun recklessness while carrying out their duties at work.

Moreover, even if an accident does occur – there is a trained person to help anybody who may have fallen victim to it. This directly makes the workplace a lot safer.

It’s more cost-effective

The costs of enrolling employees in first aid training classes can be quite discouraging. Many organisations try to cut costs by training only few members of their work crew.

However, the amount saved in this way is nothing compared to the costs if an accident happens and an employee ends up hurt.

There are many legal issues concerning the first aid in the workplace and they need to be addressed. Not having a person who is trained to help those in danger can be very expensive if something happens.

Employees are happier and more confident

The attitude of employees determines the success of the business. If the employees can perform their duties with high proficiency, the business will grow.
Every employee that receives standard first aid education will be happy to gain new knowledge. They will also appreciate the efforts of the employers to protect them from dangers while they work.
After going through the first aid training, employees will be more confident to react in a timely and efficient manner if an accident occurs. That makes all the difference, as every second counts.

Save lives

The ability to save lives is an empowerment that an individual who has to undergone a comprehensive first aid training will have.

First aid should be administered within the first four minutes after an accident happens. These first minutes are crucial to saving the life of the victim. Any delays will lead the worsening of the victim’s condition that might be fatal. A quick attention given by someone proficient in first aid will save the life of the victim.

Provide temporary pain relief

The feeling of intense pain can make an accident victim lose consciousness and eventually give up. Reducing the pain they feel with first aid procedures and making them more comfortable will keep the victim conscious until professional help comes.

People who have had a good first aid education will be more confident in carrying out techniques that will save the life of the victim.