Turtle Bay’s Community Projects

Sports for the Watamu Children

The Charity Auction carried out in December 2017 was dedicated to sports. We intended to buy playing equipment for the children as a means of making them preoccupied hence keeping them away from unwanted influence.

Turtle Bay Beach Club distributed the sports equipment, to schools like Mzizima Primary School and Sita Hidden Primary School. Sports Clubs within Watamu also benefitted from the sports items.

It was all smiles when the proceeds to deliver the balls to Mrs. Sophia Umazi of Sita Hidden Academy were done.


A Volunteer with a Heart for Watamu’s Children

After four years, Yvonne Coulson made a return to watamu and in particular to Gede Special School.  Gede is the only special school covering a radius of nearly 35km. Most of the local handicapped children are schooled in this institution. Disability is shunned by local people and most of the parents would rather keep the children away from public. This means many do not get the opportunity to go to school. However, the presence of Gede special school within the area has gone a long way to educate parents that every child deserves education and reduce stigma associated with disability.

Yvonne’s teaching methods introduced the teachers to new ways of engaging with children. Her warm embrace and nature of talking to every other person within the institution showed a different picture of her and won her many friends. Her presence was a heartwarming moment for the entire Gede Special school community. The Gede Special School community appreciated her time and dedication to the children of Watamu.

International Coastal Clean Up

Like always, Turtle Bay came out with the staffs and join the larger Watamu community through the organization of KWS to clean the beach. This has always been aimed at making the beaches clean and maintaining the ambience of the area for the visitors and locals alike.

This act fitted well with the slogan ‘beat plastic pollution’ adopted by the international bodies to bring awareness of plastic pollution and its significant negative impacts to the terrestrial and marine environments.

Turtle Bay would forever be grateful to people and the watamu community at large for being so passionate about the environment leading to their huge turnout whenever there is a cleaning exercise.