Bird Ringing at Turtle Bay by Arocha Kenya

A Rocha Kenya is a part of a world-wide family of A Rocha projects. It is a Christian conservation organisation doing biodiversity research & monitoring, linking in with practical community-based conservation and environmental education.


In Kenya they are based in Watamu on the north coast and their  work focusses on Important Bird areas around Watamu/Malindi - most notably Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Sabaki river mouth, Mida creek, Watamu National Marine park, Dakatcha woodland and Tana river delta


Turtle Bay Beach Club (Original Page) is a great spot for the African Golden Weavers and Golden Palm Weavers.


For more practice on #ringing and #ageing the #ringingcourse team from Arocha Kenya put up some mist nets at Turtle Bay Beach Club.


The Arocha Kenya ringing course team  caught a total of 60 weaver birds, (six were re-traps, one of the re-traps dated back to 1st June 2012, making it over six years old). It was good a hands-on training for the team.


For more information about Arocha Kenya you can visit their website: