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  1. From GM’s Desk
  2. Bioken Snake farm – Watamu
  3. Graffiti at Turtle Bay
  4. Vegan Dishes Turtle Bay
  5. Internship for Students
  6. Stage Park
  7. Turtle Bay’s Community Projects
  8. Sokoke Forest MTD Challenge 2019
  9. Now You Sea Turtles
  10. Kenya Tourism Board New Identity
  11. Uhuru Kenyatta Bans Single Use Plastic
  12. New Notes
  13. Kenya Airways Resumes Malindi Flights
  14. Kenya Airways and Delta Deal to US

Turtle Bay gives a chance to College or University students to come and get the practical part of their studies especially in the hospitality industry.

Anna Karin Frommherz

Anna Karin Frommherz is studying at Kenyatta University. She is a diploma student in the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Studies, in the department of Hospitality and Tourism Management. She is currently in her second year doing internship at Turtle Bay.

Her attachment will cover Food and Beverage, Service, Food Production, Housekeeping, Front Office, Reservation and Marketing.

Sharleen Marrou

Sharleen Marrou is a third year student at Kenyatta University pursuing Bachelor of Science (Hospitality and Toursim Management).

She was on attachment at Turtle Bay in various departments including Food and Beverage Service, Food Production, Housekeeping and Front Office.

Here is Sharleen as seen in Laundry department, putting records of items that are brought in and out for use in the hotel.

Dalizu Ian

Dalizu Ian is from University of Kabianga in Kericho. He is finishing his fourth year study and got an opportunity to get attached at Turtle Bay as required by his academic curriculum.

The departments done by him are Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service, Kitchen /Production and Front Office/Reception.

This is what Dalizu had to say about his internship, “At Turtle Bay, I have got great experience and learnt a lot, due to the best coordination amongst staff. There is a good link and staff co-operation, in order to enhance the hotel operations, hence making it efficient.

Guest relation is important in this organisation and it motivates guests to engage in a lot of activities that the hotel provides. The hotel is well equipped and gives an opportunity to young learners to promote domestic tourism as well as international”.

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