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  1. From GM’s Desk
  2. Bioken Snake farm – Watamu
  3. Graffiti at Turtle Bay
  4. Vegan Dishes Turtle Bay
  5. Internship for Students
  6. Stage Park
  7. Turtle Bay’s Community Projects
  8. Sokoke Forest MTD Challenge 2019
  9. Now You Sea Turtles
  10. Kenya Tourism Board New Identity
  11. Uhuru Kenyatta Bans Single Use Plastic
  12. New Notes
  13. Kenya Airways Resumes Malindi Flights
  14. Kenya Airways and Delta Deal to US

This is a new excursion experience, offered by Turtle Bay. The Park offers an Adventure Park, Tree Bridge, Bicycle riding, Zip line and a Bar/Restaurant.

It is situated along the edge of Arabuko Sokoke Forest, past Kitsapu - heading towards Kakuyuni and before joining the Kakuyuni Sala gate road.

The park offers, something for everyone, from sports to sightseeing.

For the nature lovers, you have a chance of enjoying wilderness at a close range, sometimes if luck has it, you can see elephants across the fence bordering the Arabuko Sokoke Forest.

Restaurant at Stage Park

You can decide to cycle till down Galana River with a guide.

There are bicycles stationed within the park for hire to cycle within the park and down the Galana River with beautiful sights as you cycle along.

Don’t be left out this time round!

For your excursions bookings, speak to Tumu in Excursions office.


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