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Malindi Watamu Arabuko Sokoke Biosphere Reserve (formerly Malindi Watamu Biosphere Reserve).

The area of the biosphere reserve increases to 487,278 hectares and now comprises two marine parks and the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. The extension improves the connectivity between various ecosystems, which range from coral reefs to mangrove forest and coastal dry forest.

The biosphere reserve is a cetacean migration area and home to six types of endemic butterflies.

Over the years, visitors have been able to enjoy this serene environment and we hope the addition of the forest to the reserve shall go a long way in conserving fauna and flora endemic to the entire area.

Watamu residents once again took the opportunity to come out and participate in the UN recognized environmental day. This time around people came out in large numbers and participated in mangrove planting during the world environmental day celebrated on the 5th of June.

Mida Mangroves play a big part as bird’s habitat and fish nesting area, as well as limiting the impact of erosive waves. The entire community takes great pleasure in this work as it is closely linked to their source of livelihood which is predominantly artisanal fishing, tour guiding and apiculture which is taking root at Mida. The community around wants to get into carbon trade and so takes the issue of mangrove conservation as a priority to be achieved.

In his last action before he takes up another job away from Chepstow Methodist church, Reverend Andrew Webster participated in Swansea marathon in support of charity projects in Kenya and Zambia. In Kenya, Chepstow church has had a very long relationship with the triangle project that led to the construction of the Timboni community Clinic and Mzizima primary school.

Wendy, Rev. Andrew and Hillary getting ready to participate in Swansea marathon

This clinic has been of help to many people over the years as they are able to access medical care at a very subsidized cost and in close proximity to their residences.

I got this! Wendy Lee celebrating completing the marathon

The whole development wouldn’t have been possible, had he not have accepted and nurtured the fundraising ideas of members of the church to whole heartedly support these projects.

Hillary, Rev. Andrew and Wendy Lee, posing with their medals after the marathon

On behalf of the Timboni community clinic, we forever remain grateful to Rev. Andrew for his work and dedication to bring smiles into people and wish him the best in his new endeavors.

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