Bird Watching Package


We are offering three birdwatching packages, from right here in Turtle Bay Beach Club:

One Week Package 4 Trips - Cost £150

  1. Arabuko-Sokoke Forest – East African coastal forest with 6 globally threatened birds, including Sokoke Scops Owl.

  2. Sabaki River Mouth – a huge estuary with thousands of waders and terns, in addition to pelicans. Also renowned for rarities.

  3. Lake Chem Chem and Jilore – freshwater lakes surrounded by coastal scrub, good for ducks, herons, marsh terns and migrating bee-eaters.

  4. Gongoni Bush – dry Acacia and Commiphora woodland good for Somali-Maasai biome species such as those found in Tsavo

Ten Day Package 6 Trips - Cost £250

Includes those in one week package above, plus:

  1. Mida Creek – a huge tidal inlet fringed by mangrove, is a key stop-over site for migrant waders, including Crab-plovers and Terek Sandpipers.

  2. Malindi Harbour – internationally important for flocks of roosting terns and gulls.

14 Day Package 6 Trips & Safari - Cost £410

Includes six trips as above (minus Gongoni) and one overnight safari to Tsavo East National Park.

N.B. All prices are per person based on minimum group of four, and are subject to change without notice. Provisional bookings can be taken for groups less than four and combined with other interested parties.